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Aloha Collection


Hawaiian Blessing 

"May there always be warmth in your Hale, fish in your net, and Aloha in your heart." Anon

The beach and tropical environment have always held a special place in my heart and I very much feel connected to them - they are home to me. During guided meditations when I was sick, I would travel in my mind to these places and embrace their healing energy. Having to face the possibility that I would never journey to such destinations again was sobering. A reality check among the numerous others I was being handed. To celebrate the completion of treatment I visited Maui - the healing Isle.


My soul felt connected the moment I stepped off the plane. The Hawaiian culture seems ingrained in who I am. It goes beyond my connection to the beach - a strong connection to the sea, formed from childhood years of visiting my Grandparents in Florida. We spent hours scouring the beach for shells, each one more beautiful than the last. So many amazing memories and feeling of love were forged at the ocean. This attachment prevails in many areas of my life and continues to deepen as I grow - it is a source of inner peace and stills my mind. I drew on that while meditating to survive; it is where the love of my life is part of who I am.

The spirit of aloha is living in harmony, treating one another with love and respect, creating positive energy that is never lost but exists to spread to others.



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