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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Please don’t take the focus on positive content to mean that I don’t understand what a dark world cancer is. I do. I’m no stranger to the horror of this disease.

I lived it.

The darkest of days.

Days when I doubted I would make it through, of brutally intense pain, of debilitating exhaustion, of all consuming fear. Days when I thought it was the end. And a day when it was - I gave up.

A day when I stopped breathing in the recovery room after being told my disease was metastatic - it was now in my lungs. It was easier that way.

But the doctors brought me back and I was faced with making a decision: give up and die or fight for my life.

I had to dig deep and find every ounce of will to make the decision and commitment to myself to fight to win.

Was it easy? Absolutely not.

It is not easy. None of it is. But these little things that I post about, these baby steps, can give you a boost to help push through those tough days. And each day gets you closer to being whole and healthy.

We all know what a devastating beast cancer is. We don’t need to be reminded. Which is why I am choosing that this is a landing place when you need a pick me up, a reminder that those dark days do end. That life can go back to normal, even though you are filled with doubt.

My goal with this project is to focus on the positive, provide hope, support and inspiration; to share my story so you know that it can be beaten even when the odds are stacked against you.

Believe in yourself.

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