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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Welcome to The Ho’ola Project. I’m Drea Palmer, a metastatic cancer survivor of 19 years, who beat stage 4 cancer...a grim prognosis of a 5-year survival rate of 5%!

Have you recently been diagnosed? Do you know someone who has? Are you terrified or don’t know where to get support? Do you need somewhere to turn to for hope? It’s difficult to find something intangible.

The Ho’ola Project was created for cancer patients who are interested in being active participants in their treatment and care. You will find tips, motivational and inspirational messaging, and above all else, hope!

Sharing my knowledge and experience and raising funds is my goal. I am proof that it is possible to beat the odds and survive a deadly prognosis, this is my way of giving back and enabling others to find success in their own battle.

I will share the defining moments of my journey, accompanied by a piece of art I have created. My art will be available for purchase to fund the writing and production of my book, so my story can be shared with those who need a source of hope during their journey.

My most cherished childhood memories are from the beach. Nature, and the ocean, in particular, ground me and make me feel at peace. The sea is the most healing place I can imagine. The methodical flow of the water is mesmerizing to me.

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. When I was sick, one of my worst fears was that I would never feel the tropical sun on my skin, the warm waters hugging my body. Shortly after my final round of chemo, my dream came true. I was blessed to visit the magical, healing island of Maui where I fell in love with Hawaii.

Ho'ola is a Hawaiian word meaning: to give life, save, heal, cure, spare

Follow along with me and share with anyone who could benefit from knowing that cancer can be beaten!

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