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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

This is great advice for anyone, not just people living with cancer.

For me, this was integral to surviving each day. While my cancer years were the worst of my life, they also were some of the best times because I was forced to be present.

Being faced with the possibility that I was counting my last days made me appreciate and find joy in each one. It forced me to be present and find meaning and connection with the simple things in life. I slowed down and took notice of my surroundings. I took the time to create memories around simple things. I celebrated each holiday as if it were my last.

Nothing was taken for granted during that time. And for me, that was a gift.

I took comfort in noticing things I normally would not and created meaning and significance around them.

Be mindful. Notice the scents, sights, sounds around you. Pause and take it all in. It is incredible how much more at peace I felt doing this.

Savor your food, detach from technology (your phone in particular), read a book, enjoy your coffee without distraction.

Really tap into your senses and let them guide you.

This is an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and make cherished memories.

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