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I didn’t actually read this book until 3 years ago. In fact, it hadn’t been published when I was sick, and only became available in 2015, 15 years after my journey began.

After suffering a life-altering spinal injury, the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, was told he would be disabled for life and never walk again. Turning to meditation, he used his mind to heal his body.

Within the first few pages this book resonated deeply with me. I actually got shivers as I read in detail how he used his mind to heal - the process and imagery were almost identical to those I developed and used for myself. It really made me believe that humans have the ability to tune into this power, and experience incredible healing when they literally put their mind to it.

In “You Are the Placebo” Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist and Chiropractor, "combines the latest research in neuroscience, biology, psychology, hypnosis, behavioral conditioning, and quantum physics to demystify the workings of the placebo effect . . . and show how the seemingly impossible can become possible. Is it possible to heal by thought alone—without drugs or surgery?”

If you are interested in trying the meditation/visualization routine I used when I was sick, click the shop button on It’s a free video download that will take you on a 45 min guided journey to healing.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose!

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