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I love flowers, which is why they are often the subject of my paintings.

That said, I don’t always want flowers as a show of support. In fact, when I was in the hospital after my second major surgery, I told my husband not to waste his money, and I honestly meant it. He blew my mind when I opened my eyes and saw hand made paper napkin flowers!!! I knew he was a keeper then!

Depending on the person and situation flowers aren’t an option (aren’t allowed in hospitals, or people have allergies).

So what options do we have to show our support?

How about an offering that lasts more than a few days? Something that the person can hold on to and use daily?

With a little creativity, we can come up with some very cool ideas to connect with our loved ones in a way that is meaningful to them.

Here are some ideas that would have made me happy!

Guided Meditations - my personal meditation/visualization routine is available for download at

Mala Collective - Meditation was an integral part of my healing and recovery process. I attribute my cure to the mind work I did each day. Armed with healing stones, a Tibetan singing bowl and guided meditations, I set to work to rid my body of cancer. @Malacollective has a wide variety of beautiful, handmade Mala beads used during the meditation process

Books on Healing - see my book reviews for those that helped me

Princess Margaret Hospital Purpose Package - A seasonal subscription box that supports life-saving cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret, Canada's world-leading cancer centre. Featuring a new curated collection of goods from Canadian businesses three times per year, every delivery is packed with purpose.

For those living with cancer, what are some creative ideas that would resonate with you?

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