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With so many things to juggle in life, it can be difficult to fit in time to heal. Work, kids, meals, managing a home, laundry, medical appointments the list is endless and exhausting. It seems impossible when running on empty.

However, when you have cancer, time to heal must become a priority. Your life literally depends on it.

When I was sick I desperately wanted to connect to other people who had survived metastatic disease. I wanted to know about the rare soul who beat a grim prognosis. Because if they survived, then so could I.

Mindful meditation and visualization were integral to my healing and recovery and I would love to share that with you. I have created an audio file that takes you through the exact process that I used when I was sick, so that you can literally get into the mind of a cancer patient who was fighting against the odds and lived. With only a 5 % chance of surviving 5 years, I had my work cut out for me.

This routine takes about an hour. I realize this seems daunting - how are you going to fit this into your already overwhelming schedule?

Well, hopefully this plan will help.

The meditation has been broken into 3 segments to make it more manageable to people with time constraints. Maybe aim to do one complete session once a week. If you can swing it all at once, great! But if not, that’s ok. Doing it is the important part.

If time is a challenge, set your alarm 15 minutes early and do the first segment while you are still comfy in bed. Sneak in the second part during lunch, or maybe while you are waiting for an appointment, sitting in your car - multitask! Head to bed a few minutes earlier and finish off the day with the final phase.

Make your health a priority - you not only deserve it, you need it. It is not indulgent, it’s part of getting well and looking after your health so you can be here for those you love.

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