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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ~ Aristotle

Belief is a powerful state of mind, an extremely influential tool that we all possess. When facing a life-threatening illness, the mind-body connection becomes integral to cultivating a healing environment within ourselves.

Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings can be used to fight disease. If our thoughts can trigger physiological responses in our bodies, for instance, a fight or flight response, arousal, tears of joy, then I believe it is possible to use our thoughts to heal.

Taking control of your thoughts, directing them to turn on healing processes within yourself not only gives a sense of control but increases the likelihood that disease can be combated internally. The best part is that this does not cost anything, you have this tool with you every second of the day, and you can tailor it to your own specific needs.

It takes time, practice and patience, but with determination, you can achieve great outcomes when you literally put your mind to it.

Turning to meditation and visualization, I spent every day focusing my thoughts on ridding my body of cancer cells. By focusing my thoughts on immune cell production and response, I attacked the cancer cells, eliminating them from my body until I was cancer free. Visualizing these immune cells being created, circulating throughout my body and then attacking and destroying the enemy gave me something positive to direct my energy on. I became an active participant in my treatment and recovery.

Presented with a grim prognosis of a 5% five year survival rate, I had few options in terms of healing and achieving a cure. While I believe in medical science and was comfortable following my doctor's advice, I also recognized that there were only so many options they had to attempt to save my life. By their own words, chemotherapy would not rid my body of cancer. Taking “meditation as medicine” at face value, I was determined to do whatever I could personally to beat it. I strongly believe that how I used my mind is what led to me shocking my doctors. Without chest surgery, my tumors disappeared; I beat the odds and am alive 19 years later to share this with you.

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