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“Open the letter,” she nearly squeals with anticipation, wearing her white cardigan and blue jeans, handing me the white envelope with the University of Toronto stamp on the upper left corner that she has been dying to open since it arrived a month ago. Woozy with exhaustion from the twenty four hour trip home from across the world, my stinging eyes blink, searching for relief as my hand subconsciously reaches out for the envelope. Instantly, the paper soaks up the moisture from my clammy hand as I nervously pass it back to her, an awkward, anxious smile taking control of my mouth as my heart races with excitement, “I can’t, you do it.” There is a 50/50 chance I will have been accepted.

An offer of admission to a program at Dalhousie University has already come in but it’s another undergrad program, while the one in Toronto is a Master’s, so while my bases are covered, my preference is an advanced degree. The dry, scratchy sound of her eagerly ripping it open, fills the kitchen of the townhome rental she has just moved into while I was away. Her eyes become wide, her immense smile brimming with pride gives it away before she can even utter a single word. “Drea,” her voice gleeful, the paper vibrating in her hand, “you got in honey.” Excitement bubbles within me, a sigh of relief, my body gives way to the tension it has been holding as I get ready to embrace this new chapter of my life. As I read the letter for myself, I notice the accompanying second page, indicating that not only did I get accepted, I will be receiving a scholarship! My path is laid out, I’m on my way!!! In a few short months I will be moving to Toronto to start graduate school! Saturated with contentment, I am thrilled with the direction my life is headed.

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