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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


We all know self-care is important.

When you are sick, self-care is key to nourishing all aspects of your being - your mind, body and spirit. They don’t operate independently, so if one is out of alignment, they all are.

The key to self-care is demonstrating love to yourself.

This looks different for everyone but the message here is to find ways to look after all parts of you. My medical team took care of the physical for me, but I recognized that I had a responsibility to manage my body and spirit in a way that promoted healing.

Listen to your body and develop a self-care routine that fills your cup, brings you joy and nourishes your soul.

Maybe it's a quiet bubble bath, reading, a forest walk, connecting with a loved one. Whatever it looks like to you is personal, just make sure you take steps to practice self-love each and every day.

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