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Your mind is your most powerful tool; use it with meaning, purpose and the belief that it will do exactly what you tell it.

My degree in biology gave me a solid understanding of how the body works. I created a 3 part mind ritual to heal myself (cleansing toxicity, activating my immune system and healing light). Instead of focusing on keeping my mind clear, I focused on a systematic process which kept my thoughts directed at healing.

Deep in my struggle to survive, I would take an hour in the afternoon during which I would fill the room with my chosen scent and lay across my bed, so I didn’t associate the process with sleeping. Tuning out the world around me, I would engage in this mindful routine to rid my body of this invader called cancer.

Before bedtime, I repeated the routine. After a hot, relaxing bath filled with a different calming scent, only used during this routine, I would lay naked on the floor and spend an hour visualizing my body healing.

During my hospital stays during chemo, I would use that time to focus solely on completing this routine. I would visualize the chemo drugs killing any cancer cells that were floating around my body.

This mind work gave me a strong sense of controlling the things I could and actively engage my mind to use it as a healing tool. I believe this had a significant impact on my recovery and cure.

The specific imagery I used to master my mind to heal my body is available at

I’m excited to share this process with you and hope you find it useful in creating an internal environment for yourself that is conducive to healing and recovery.

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