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An angry inflammation has taken over my hand in the space between my index and middle fingers, the lump has continued growing. Painful swelling has been frequent, heating up and getting irritated for a few days before returning to normal. There isn’t anything I can do 15,000 kms from home. Having just embarked on a once in a lifetime adventure to New Zealand and Australia, my gift to myself for graduating with a Biology degree from Queen's, it will be a few months before I am back home when I will learn which direction my life will take. It’s 2000, I’m celebrating my 25th birthday in Oz and I have my whole life ahead of me!

Dancing waves lap at the hulls, bobbing the sailboats up and down in their slips, the sails snap sporadically as they catch the breeze, glints of light flicker off their metal railings piercing my eyes. As the scorching sun kisses my white skin, instantly turning it a shade of pink as gulls swoop from the clear blue sky, lining the dock of the Auckland Harbour during the World Cup, squawking to one another as I stroll by. Enticing all my senses, I attempt to absorb each detail, committing it to memory and quickly forget about the irritation in my hand.

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