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Stand with your feet on the ground on Kauai and you will feel like you have been given the elixir of life.  In a world that is so distracted and emotionally disconnected, it is easy to become numb and fragmented. Nature’s unparalleled beauty is simply magical, these leaves pull me in and ground me. The colours make me feel, stirring energy in me that I can’t explain. I find the smooth transition from one colour to the next mesmerizing.  They connect me to more than what we are, they nurture me, nourish my soul, and make me feel complete; they fill me with Aloha. The spirit of aloha is living in harmony, treating one another with love and respect, creating positive energy that is never lost but exists to spread to others. In this lonely, compartmentalized world, my wish is for you to all find a little piece of Aloha.



  • Small 16" x 24" - Medium 20" x 30" - Large 24" x 36"  - Extra Large 32" x 48"


    • Archival quality
    • Gallery wrapped edges
    • Ready to hang
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