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Are you living with cancer? Do you have a loved one who is? Do you need a source of hope and inspiration?


Are you looking for a way to be active in your treatment and fight to survive?


Would you like the opportunity to be inside the mind of a metastatic cancer survivor and use the same techniques in your own healing journey? Now is your chance!


Facing a grim prognosis of a 5% 5-year survival rate, I knew I needed to take charge of what I could and be actively involved in my treatment. Engaging my mind and using it to heal became integral to my road to recovery and survival.


This free audio recording, complete with visual aids and instruction, will give you insight into the visualization process I used to heal from within. 


I completed this 45-minute routine twice a day - once in the afternoon and again before bed. If time is a challenge for you, I recommend splitting the 3 phases of the meditation into 3 shorter time spans. For example, complete the first before getting out of bed in the morning, the second at some point during the day, and the third before bed. Coupling this final segment with a relaxing bath makes for a great way to unwind and help with sleep. Aim to do the complete meditation in one session at least once a week.

During that time, I desperately needed to hear about people who had survived metastatic cancer, who beat the odds. This is my way of giving back and sharing hope with those who face the same insurmountable odds.


Drea's Cancer Meditation

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