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He is only two. But his heart is made of gold and shines for us like a beacon in a storm. We are out in the garden and he wants to pick me a flower, I agree. How can I say no to this amazing little person? When I turn around he is standing there, handing me the most beautiful dahlia. I can’t help but smile one of the biggest smiles ever. Not because this is such a sweet moment, it is, but it is because he has managed to pull the entire plant out of the ground. There he is, all but two feet tall and so is the dahlia plant with its roots dangling down to the ground. He fills my heart and makes my world shine.


  • Small 16" x 24"     - Medium 20" x 30"   - Large 24" x 36"    -Extra Large 32" x 48"


    • Archival quality
    • Gallery wrapped edges
    • Ready to hang
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