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It has been 3 years since I saw you last; felt you near. As our plane prepares to land on Maui I look out the window and am greeted by the most magical view - a spectacular rainbow fills the dusty rose sky. The way the clouds are illuminated by these beautiful colours is heavenly. I know it is you. I can feel it deep in my being. It’s like you are smiling and saying “Welcome back my love.” Your nickname was rainbow - it described your sense of unwavering positivity and optimism, despite whatever life threw at you; you always shone, no matter what. Beauty radiated from you. You always loved white flowers, we made sure there was a white rose at your funeral. I took this photo after we had sprinkled your ashes on Maui. The white hibiscus was so soft in colour, peaceful and made me think of core goodness which of course made me think of you. I feel you in this painting; the way the colours fade into each other reminds me of a rainbow. I miss you mom. Always loved, forever missed, never forgotten.




SKU: 0001
  • Small 16" x 16" - Medium 20" x 20" - Large 24" x 24" - XLarge 28" x 28"


    • Archival quality
    • Gallery wrapped edges
    • Ready to Hang
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